China says its economic recovery is still not solid – state media


BEIJING : China said on Tuesday the foundation of its economic recovery is not yet solid, and various unexpected factors may occur at any time, state media reported.

The country’s development still faces triple pressures including demand contraction, supply shock and weakened expectations, China’s Communist Party (CPC) central committee said in a communique, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

The communique was released at the second plenary session of CPC’s central committee, which was held from Feb. 26 to Feb. 28.

More than 200 members of central committee discussed a draft of reforms to party and state organisations which will be examined at the upcoming 14th National People’s Congress (NPC).

The central committee also approved a proposed list of leadership candidates to be recommended at the first session of the upcoming Congress.

The 14th NPC, an annual meeting of parliament where thousands of delegates from across China will gather in the capital, Beijing, kicks off on Sunday.

Source: Reuters


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