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Japan to provide 140 billion yen loan to Jakarta for rapid train project


The Japanese government said Monday it will provide a loan of up to about 140.7 billion yen ($900 million) for the construction of the second train line in Jakarta under Indonesia’s mass rapid transit system project.

The construction of the 84.1-kilometer East-West Line project consists of two phases, with the work for the 24.5-km first stage set to begin by 2026 and be completed in 2031, according to the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta.

The new train line will be built with Japanese technology for the vehicle and signaling systems.

Jakarta faces serious traffic congestion and air pollution with its rapid economic growth and population increase.

Under the MRT project, the first phase of a 15.7-km stretch of the North-South Line opened in 2019 with the help of a loan from Japan. Source: kyodo news


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