CCC liaison offices in Australia to boost investment, trade


The newly launched liaison offices of the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) in Australia will play an important role in promoting trade and investment between the two countries, said CCC Vice President Lim Heng yesterday.

The liaison offices will help increase trade through the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) more effectively after the agreement has been in force for more than a year, Heng said.

β€œThe establishment of CCC liaison offices in two cities in Australia will expand bilateral relations in trade and the private sector, and facilitate the connection and communication between Cambodia and Australia as they implement the RCEP,” Heng told Khmer Times.

In addition to expanding bilateral relations in trade and the private sector, the establishment of the CCC liaison offices in Australia will also improve the relationship between the CCC and the Australian Chamber of Commerce, he added.

CCC has previously launched
liaison offices in Japan and Canada, aiming at promoting the investment potential of Cambodia to people in those countries. The CCC hopes to attract investors to Cambodia’s growing economy and to promote the country’s culture and tourism sectors.

In addition to the establishment ceremony of the CCC liaison offices in Australia, the CCC delegation visited a number of industrial and farm zones in Australia and held a number of business meetings.

Australia is interested in importing materials and food from Cambodia, while Australia needs a wide range of products, such as textiles, electronics, accessories, and especially nine agricultural products: avocados, peppers, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, cashew nuts, palm sugar, and dried banana slices, according to the CAVAC. It is an opportunity for Cambodian traders to export to Australia, he said.

Source: Khmer Times


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