Coca-Cola franchisee posts $236M revenue in Vietnam


Swire Coca-Cola, a franchisee of the Coca-Cola Company, recorded a revenue of US$236.32 million in the first six months in Vietnam.

Its pre-tax profit was around $33.21 million in the period.

Swire Coca-Cola is a partner of the Coca-Cola Company with a franchise to manufacture, market and distribute products of the Coca-Cola Company in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and the western U.S.

Among its top markets in the first half, Vietnam ranked third in revenues behind the U.S. and mainland China.

Swire Coca-Cola entered the Southeast Asia market in July last year by purchasing the manufacturing line of Coca-Cola in Vietnam and Cambodia for over $1 billion.

Leaders of Swire Coca-Cola considered the Vietnam purchase successful as it had made considerable contributions to the company, while its unit in Cambodia is posting a loss.

Coca-Cola entered Vietnam in 1994, producing its beverage in three factories.

Source: VNexpress


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