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DE ELEMENTS Cambodia’s first 5-star standard Borey


By: Kong Soriya

Phnom Penh: Built in a contemporary style and combining the first villas and condominiums in Phnom Penh, DE ELEMENTS allows foreigners to buy and own.

Why can foreigners buy a house in this Project?Β  Wee Keigo, CEO of DE ELEMENTS, said earlier this week that the Borey specifically focused on the first modern lifestyle in Phnom Penh, using the Strata Title as a title that foreigners can buy for accommodation as well as investment.

The Borey has a private car park below and a residence from the first floor upwards, each of which has rooms for families, children, Roff Garden, swimming pool, gym and so on.

Mr. Wee Keigo continued that our Borey is not the number one Borey in Cambodia, but the first Borey with a standard Singaporean living standard in Phnom Penh where residents can enjoy the surrounding community and the convenience of living because of this project is linked to supermarkets, business centers, restaurants, cafes around.

Borey DE ELEMENTS is located in Chamkar Ovloek Village, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh.

Yin Leang Kong, Goodwill Ambassador for Borey DE ELEMENTS and with many years of experience in the field of economy and real estate, said that living with a civilized community is very important to improve the quality of life and lifestyle.Especially living in a community with services that make life easier is really good for the standard of living.

“I think Borey DE ELEMENTS has been fulfilling the dreams of Cambodians looking for quality housing and a modern standard of living,” he said.
Interested customers can contact by phone and telegram 086 48 55 66 & 078, 959 567.


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