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Cambodia Tops Southeast Asia in Worker Sadness Levels for 2024


According to the survey from the β€˜State of the Global Workplace: 2024 Report,’ Cambodia ranks at the top in Southeast Asia with the highest daily worker sadness level at 36% (Yes), while Vietnam is the country with the lowest worker anger level at 11% (Yes).

Myanmar came at 2nd position in the list, with the worker anger level at 32% followed by the Philippines (29per cent).

The β€˜State of the Global Workplace’ is a report published by Gallup, providing in-depth analysis of trends and conditions in workplaces worldwide. This report covers various aspects such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, productivity, and challenges faced by organizations in different countries.

Gallup releases this report periodically to provide comprehensive insights into the dynamics of the global workplace.

The Gallup report, released earlier this month, looks at employees’ experience globally, polling more than 183,000 business units across 53 industries and 90 countries.

Its most important takeaway relates to workers’ engagement, which is 23 per cent, the same as last year. Sixty-two per cent of workers are not engaged, and 15 per cent are actively disengaged.

Interestingly, the key to worker engagement is having a great manager at the business-unit level.

The report shows that not having engaged employees means US$8.9 trillion (S$12 trillion) in lost productivity across the globe each year Source: Independent.sg


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